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Is It Worth Paying For Movers in Singapore: Should I Hire Professional Movers Or Do It Myself? 

Moving to a new place signifies a fresh start.

However, before the big move, you will need to consider the current items you have on-hand to transport over to the new place. The question you may ask yourself is if it’s worth paying for professional movers in Singapore or to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) your move.

It all depends on the types of furniture and items to be moved, proximity to your new home, and other additional services you may require.

1. Types of furniture and items to be moved

Take stock of the different types of furniture and items that you own in your current home.

Do you have the following materials and resources for all your furniture and items during the moving process:

  • Large boxes to place all your belongings;
  • Strong tape to seal the moving boxes and prevent items from falling out;
  • Protective coverings to prevent any scratches or damage to your items; and
  • Moving truck to transport all your bulky furniture and items;
  • Equipment in the truck to secure all the boxes in place;
  • Movers to help transport your furniture and items. They can be your family members or freelance movers who have experience in moving all sorts of furniture and items

If you don’t have these items on hand, calculate if leasing and/or buying them will be cheaper than engaging professional movers. 

Also, are your furniture and items fragile, bulky, or heavy? Here are some things to take note of:

  • For fragile items, protective padding and stuffing are needed to cushion the items. It will be much more costly to replace these damaged items or in worst cases, these items are irreplaceable.
  • For bulky items like shelves and tables, many of them can be dismantled and collapsed into smaller sizes to aid your move
  • For cupboards and drawers, ensure that everything is emptied to prevent the risks of objects dropping out
  • As for your packing boxes, label them well so you’re aware of what items are inside

If you’re not confident of handling your fragile, bulky, and heavy items, better entrust that job with professional movers in Singapore. They will have the appropriate expertise and equipment such as dollies, trollies, and ramps to safely transport all your items.

 2. Proximity to the new home

Singapore may be small but making the move from one end of the island to the other is still quite a trip. You have more things to consider such as renting a moving truck and hiring freelance movers to transport all your items.  

However, if you’re only moving one floor up or to the next block, a DIY move is easier. You can forgo the moving truck and ensure that you have the appropriate equipment to move your items upstairs and through the doors.

3. Other additional services

Most industrial movers in Singapore will conduct site surveys to assess your moving requirements and ensure minimal disruptions to your lifestyle. Some of them also provide temporary warehouse storage space for your furniture and items which will be stored until needed again. If these pre-sales and post-sales services are important to you, then engaging the office movers in Singapore is better. 

However, if you don’t require all these after-sales services, DIY-ing your move is possible.


Some individuals may find that the physical and mental stress of packing and unpacking is not worth the amount saved on hiring office movers.

You have to be in complete control over the entire move: packing the items, leasing and/or buying the materials and resources needed for the move, handling all the boxes, transporting them to the new place, and unpacking them again. The amount of time spent adds up and a lot of things can go wrong along each step of the way.

So why not let us do the heavy lifting for you? Contact us at 6366 1548 or email to engage our professional movers in Singapore today.