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August 10, 2021
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Moving Amid The COVID-19 Pandemic? Here’s What You Need To Know

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1. Adhere to the Singapore government regulations
Phase 1, Phase 2 (HA), circuit breaker.
These are familiar phrases to Singaporeans the past few months as the government continuously rolls out dizzying arrays of measures to cope with the virus spread.

House and office moving are categorised as an “essential service” so moving house/office even during tightened measures is considered legal.

However, all licensed house and office movers must apply for an official exemption to resume operations. Ensure that your house and office mover company has an approved exemption from the government before engaging its services.

2. Create contingency plans
It is always recommended to plan everything before moving. When the big day arrives, you will know exactly when and what you’re going to be doing.

However, due to the ever-changing circumstances, moving during this period is downright confusing. Be prepared when things don’t go accordingly to plan as there is always a chance that something can go wrong.

Have backup plans to cater to these types of situations. Here are some questions to ask yourself before the move:

  • Have you packed all your furniture and items properly, especially the fragile ones?
  • Do you have temporary accommodation available in case there is a delay in construction?
  • Do you have a storage facility on-hand for your furniture and items in case your house/office is not ready for the move-in?

3. Don’t compromise your safety and hygiene
Cleanliness and hygiene have always been a priority when moving, but they have become much more important than ever in this current climate to keep yourself, your loved ones, and/or staff safe from the COVID-19 virus.

The virus can spread via surface transmission, according to studies. Once an individual touches the contaminated surface, and then his eyes or mouth, the infection can occur.

To minimise the transmission, ensure that your house and office mover company has a proper Business Continuity Plan during this COVID-19 period. House and office movers should wear gloves and masks as well as adhere to the one-metre safe distancing.

Homeowners and office owners themselves should also practise good hand hygiene like frequently sanitising and washing their hands, as well as avoid touching their faces. Masks should also be kept on at all times.

To be safe, thoroughly clean and disinfect your furniture and other items immediately after your move. Not only does this remove the grime and dirt, but it also limits the spread of COVID-19 and ensures that the health and welfare of yourself, loved ones, and/or staff are not compromised.

Looking for professional house movers or office movers in Singapore?

At Red Sun Movers, we adhere to all government guidelines and uphold the strictest hygiene standards so you can enjoy a safe and stress-free house or office move. Contact us at 6366 1548 or email to engage our house movers and/or office movers in Singapore today.


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