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Leading Home Movers in Singapore

Red Sun Movers is a leading moving company in Singapore. Our professional house movers offer customized moving services and storage solutions. We have a team of professional trained and experienced local movers with over 20 years of house moving experience.

Experienced Locals for House Moving Service

Our team of local movers has been in the moving industry in Singapore since 1997. We have the appropriate equipment and expertise to safely transport your fragile items such as glass tables, or heavy items like safes and pianos.

We also provide boxes, tapes, protective coverings, and packing materials to ensure all your items are safe from damage during the moving process.

With various training sessions and experience, our house movers are also skilled in dismantling bulky items like sofas on-site and re-assembling them in the new location.

Our House Moving Process

Our house moving consultant will conduct a free and non-obligation site survey at your residential location. After a detailed assessment of your moving requirements, we will advise you accordingly to ensure minimal disruptions to your lifestyle.

We also specialize in providing short-term and long-term storage solutions. If you need to store some of your items for moving at a later time, our home movers can assist you with temporary storage space. Our house movers will ensure all items are inventoried, professionally packed, and stored in an allocated warehouse space.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I start packing the items?

The estimated time taken to pack an average apartment in Singapore is 2 weeks. It is recommended that you start to pack as early as you can. You may call us in advance if you require additional boxes.

What is the maximum weight limit for one box?

Each box should not exceed 20kg.

How should I pack?

Heavier items should be packed below and fragile items should be labeled clearly on the box. Items from the refrigerator should be packed inside plastic containers or ice boxes.

If the box is not full or filled with fragile items, it should be filled with stuffing or padding

Is there a packing checklist?

Please refer to the checklist below.

  • Are all cupboards and drawers emptied?
  • Are all paintings removed from the walls?
  • Are all fragile items packed properly with padding and stuffing?
  • Are all boxes labeled and sealed securely with packing tapes?
Looking for House Movers in Singapore?

Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Call us now at 6366 1548 or email for quality house moving services.


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