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About Us

About Us

Our team of Red Sun Movers has been in the moving industry since 1997

Whether you’re moving across the island or just relocating 5 minutes away, moving can prove to be quite a challenge. Moving to a new location requires a lot of planning and work. Tasks like organizing, packing, loading, unloading, unpacking and reorganizing can be frustrating. With Red Sun Movers, the process of relocating can be a made less stressful.

Established in 1997, our team of Red Sun Movers is here to ensure that your move will be as hassle free and smooth as possible. We possess a passion for quality service and have the resources and professionals to tailor each move to your individual needs.

Whether you’re looking for professional movers for a residential relocation or roadshows and events, Red Sun Movers is here to provide you with friendly, professional moving services that are reliable, prompt and cost­ effective.

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Why Hire a Professional Mover?

If a big move is on the horizon and you’re wondering if hiring professional movers is worth the spend, here are a few reasons why doing so will be hugely beneficial for you:

When it comes to moving, you might find yourself having to rely on friends and family to assist in the process because its impossible to do so alone. However, if your friends and family aren’t professional movers, your property could be accidentally damaged in moving process. To ensure a successful move, tap on our team of professional movers at Red Sun Movers!

Professional movers have all the right equipment to safely transport your things from one location to another. Everything from ramps to back braces that keep movers protected.

At Red Sun Movers, we come equipped with all the right tools needed to prevent injuries to people or the damage of your property. Our movers have a lot of experience under their belt.

We cannot stress the importance of experience. Without extensive experience in lifting and moving heavy furniture/ appliances, it could be dangerous. Something could slip out of your hands and injure yourself or others around you.

Our movers at Red Sun Movers understand the proper order of moving things so that fragile things are packed safely. They are also capable of moving furniture through small doorways without getting frustrated and giving up in the process.

A major benefit of hiring professional movers is the convenience of moving according to your schedule. Getting friends and family to help out means you might have to accommodate to their schedule in order for them to lend a hand or loan you a truck. With Red Sun Movers, your move will be dependent only upon your schedule and you can select your own time of packing, pickup and delivery.